How it began

I have always had a passion for food, right from the word go. I remember throughout my life, I have always jumped at the chance to cook. I have spent 11 years of my life as a professional chef in many different hotels, pubs and restaurants. In my time working within the industry, there is one dish that I have cooked more than anything else which also happens to be my favourite meal, The burger and fries. While it has its roots in America, the burger has become one of the UK's most popular dishes and is served in top restaurants and fast food outlets alike. What I love most about is that you can put almost anything you like in and really make the dish about you. The patty itself can be made from beef, chicken, turkey, venison, pork, wild boar or indeed some rather delicious meat free alternatives. The cheese can be cheddar, emmental, edam, mozzarella, gorgonzola and many many more. This is then all brought together in a brioche bun with crisp lettuce, tomato, sliced gherkin, onions fried or raw and of course, your favourite sauces. Then you still have to decide whether you want to add bacon, pulled pork, slow cooked beef brisket or sliced sirloin steak. A burger is about you, you can make it your own.


In November 2015, I bought a catering van equipped with a griddle and fryer with the intention of serving the very best in gourmet burgers, cooked in front of you while you wait. I have also noticed that after spending the last 28 years living in Suffolk, not everybody has access to takeaway outlets or even pubs and restaurants. The Wandering Grill is about providing the highest possible quality food to the local communities at an affordable price.


It's not all about burgers either. I hope that in the very near future, that we will be able to provide weekend breakfasts and brunches. After all, the nations favourite dish has got to be the bacon butty! Keep your eyes peeled for our special evenings such as steak nights, mexican nights and bbq's.


I look forward to serving you soon


Tom Ruffles